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18 December 2018   |   Edition: 294
A decade of bringing together the children’s content creators’ community in India

Less than a month to go until JUMPSTART 2018 – India’s only congress of content creators – it's time to register and prepare for it!

Here’s what you need to do:

•Visit www.jumpstartfest.com to check out the speakers, sessions, Masterclasses and Skillbuilders 
•Register online for JUMPSTART in Mumbai or Delhi  
•Mark the speakers/ publishers you’d like to meet one-on-one
•Sign up for a time-slot with your selected speakers at the JUMPSTARTER-Networking Mixer by following the link sent to you in your registration confirmation email
•Prepare your story pitch to discuss with mentor/ speaker
•Take advantage of the breaks to speak to other attendees available, view the schedule on www.jumpstartfest.com   
•Spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues. Register as a group and get attractive discounts: contact@newdelhi.gbo.org 
•Tell the world that you’re coming to #JUMPSTART 2018 
•Follow @gbonewdelhi for live updates on #JUMPSTART 2018
•Pack your bag and remember to bring plenty of business cards!

REGISTER NOW and collaborate with the best of the best in the children’s content world!

MUMBAI | 27 and 28 November 2018
DELHI | 30 November 2018


Know more about the programme and to REGISTER NOW, visit www.jumpstartfest.com

In case of queries, please write to contact@newdelhi.gbo.org or call at 011 4912 0951

This year JUMPSTART celebrated a decade of bringing together the community of children’s content creators in India. It was also for the first time that JUMPSTART travelled to Mumbai where a two-day programme was held successfully at the Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan on 27 and 28 November 2018. Following the Mumbai event, JUMPSTART was also held in Delhi on 30 November 2018 at the Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan.

Seeing the increasing consumption of content across myriad mediums, JUMPSTART 2018 was conceptualised to look at how book content can transcend the print form. With the idea of 'Get Future-Ready' the programme traced the trends and explored the future of content creation and consumption across media. It was an opportunity for writers, artists, educators, publishers and many more key players in the content industry to become futuristic with their previously published as well as upcoming content; a chance to interact with other dynamic producers and publishers. 

Keynote by Leigh Hobbs: Creating successful books - market data or creative impulse?

Leigh Hobbs, Australian Children's Laureate opened the programme at JUMPSTART 2018 Mumbai with his keynote address in which he introduced the audience to his popular characters like Old Tom, Horrible Harriet and Mr. Chicken. He spoke about his creative process of envisioning and bringing to life these characters as a writer and as an illustrator. The audience was listening intently and laughed along as he regaled them his childhood stories from where his characters are inspired.

Madhuri Purandare, Meredith Costain, Sampurna Chattarji, Zuni Chopra and Sowmya Rajendran on the panel of the session 'The Brave New World'

JUMPSTART has always been known as India's only annual conclave of children's content creators. But this year, we became more specific and focused on an important segment of content consumers -- the young adults. The panel of the Brave New World was all about content creation for and consumption by the young adults. It was an interesting mix of perspectives as we had on the panel Madhuri Purandare with her expertise on creating content in Marathi, Meredith Costain with her global exposure, Sampurna Chattarji and Sowmya Rajendran as Indian writers who write in English, and Zuni Chopra who not only writes for young adults but is one herself!

Writing Masterclass for Young Adults

On the second day of JUMPSTART 2018 in Mumbai, three masterclasses took place simultaneously -- an illustrators' masterclass conducted by German illustrator Aljoscha Blau; a writers' masterclass conducted by Australian author Meredith Costain who was briefly by joined by Leigh Hobbs; and the writing masterclass for young adults conducted by German author Boris Pfeiffer and Indian author Shabnam Minwalla. The young adult masterclass was unique as it was the first time that JUMPSTART saw a masterclass specially for young adults, and it saw an enthusiastic participation from some talented young and budding writers in Mumbai.

The Networking Cocktail on DAY 1 at JUMPSTART 2018 Mumbai

The Networking Cocktail in Mumbai was a success with over 20 experts from Australia, France, Germany and India present to interact with the participants in an informal gathering. It was an opportunity to explore business opportunities. Apart from the speakers of JUMPSTART 2018, the participants also interacted with each other for knowledge exchange and possible collaborations.

In Delhi, a Rights Market was held in the latter half of the day. It was a pre-fixed meeting format where 13 experts (publishers and content creators) interacted one-on-one with the participants. It was an opportunity for the participants to explore publishing opportunities and discuss their creative queries.

Angela Schaaf de Lavado delivering her session on Rights and Licensing at JUMPSTART 2018 Delhi

Angela Schaaf de Lavado, Rights Director, Duden Verlag, Germany conducted sessions on Rights and Licensing at both the Delhi and Mumbai versions of JUMPSTART 2018. Her detailed presentations on the matter helped both content creators as well as publishing professionals understand the nitty-gritties of contracts, copyrights, licensing and other related aspects.

Unveiling of 'The Wild Pack' written by Boris Pfeiffer and translated into English by Anya Malhotra

In Delhi, the panel discussion on content for young adults ('The Brave New World') concluded with the unveiling of a book for young adults. Author Boris Pfeiffer's book 'The Wild Pack' and its sequel 'The Wild Pack Devises a Plan' were unveiled at JUMPSTART 2018 Delhi. The book has been translated to English by Anya Malhotra and published in India by Penguin Randomhouse.

Author and journalist Siddhartha Sarma

One of the many success stories of JUMPSTART! On the tenth year celebration of JUMPSTART, author and journalist Siddhartha Sarma was invited to be a part of a panel about content for young adults. His first novel 'Grasshoppers Run' gained global exposure at JUMPSTART as its international rights were sold to a publisher from UK he met at a masterclass and networking session at JUMPSTART.

Ernest Cline, whose novel “Ready Player One” is the basis for a new movie, grew up reading: “Like many nerdy kids, I don’t know how I would have survived without being able to escape into books.” Get to know more about the writer and his writerly habits.
Credit Illustration by Jillian Tamakirtrtr
I was an avid reader throughout my childhood. Like many nerdy kids, I don't know how I would have survived without being able to escape into books. Roald Dahl's Wonka books made a huge impression on me, as did "James and the Giant Peach." Then I started reading Heinlein's Y.A.

What booksare on your nightstand?
I’m currently reading “Life 3.0: Being Human inthe Age of ArtificialIntelligence,” by Max Tegmark.

What’s thelast great book you read?
I reallyloved Andy Weir’s new novel,“Artemis.”

Whatinfluences your decisions about which books to read? Word of mouth, reviews, atrusted friend?
All of theabove! I constantly seek out newbooks by authors I already admire as well asnewtitles with lots of positivebuzz. These days, I’m also lucky enough toreceive a lot of advance readingcopies of books. I always seem to have farmore books on my nightstand than Ihavetime to spend reading them — a problemI’ve always had.

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