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23 January 2019
(L-R) Juergen Boos, President and CEO, Frankfurter Buchmesse; Claudia Kaiser, VP Business Development, Frankfurter Buchmesse; Prashasti Rastogi, Director, German Book Office New Delhi

The CEO of the world's largest trade fair of publishing, the Frankfurter Buchmesse, opened the Jaipur Bookmark today, 23 January 2019. Mr Juergen Boos delivered a keynote address on the freedom to publish. “In our industry, the freedom to publish is in our DNA. It is the backbone of publishing. One of the greatest missions we have at the Frankfurter Buchmesse is to protect freedom of expression and the freedom to publish,” he says. Mr Boos will also be in conversation with Urvashi Butalia in the session titled ‘So many books, so less time’ at the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival.
Claudia Kaiser, VP Business Development, Frankfurter Buchmesse and Prashasti Rastogi, Director, German Book Office New Delhi will be a part of 'The JBM Copyright Roundtable', bringing an international outlook towards protection of copyright. Ms Rastogi will also be on the panel for the session 'Gender Equations in Publishing'.

We invite you to hear them speak and discuss issues of self-censorship, freedom of speech, publishing trends and reading trends, copyright protection, and issues of gender in the publishing industry -- all with a global perspective.

/ Keynote Address: 'The Freedom to Publish'
Juergen Boos, introduced by Margit Walso
23 January 2019 | 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM | Durbar Hall, Jaipur BookMark

/ So Many Books, So Little Time 
Juergen Boos in conversation with Urvashi Butalia
Contrary to received wisdom about their death, ever larger numbers of books are being published today. Successful new publishers are appearing on the literary firmament, old ones don't seem in any danger of closing and self publishing is a flourishing industry. The human desire to expand personal horizons through reading continues unabated. But are they reading books? And if yes, are these print books or? If no, what are they reading? Have the explosions in information, the shortages of time, the speed of things affected the way people read? Are we refusing to acknowledge that there are just too many books and not enough time to read them? In a freewheeling discussion on the changing patterns of publishing and reading, CEO and Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Juergen Boos, will be in conversation with publisher Urvashi Butalia.
24 January 2019 | 2:30 to 3:30 PM | Mughal Tent, ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival

/ The JBM Copyright Roundtable
Keynote by Michael Healy
Introduced by Safir Anand
Aditi Maheshwari Goyal, Alind Maheshwari, Arpita Das, Claudia Kaiser, Kannan Sundaram, Maggie Doyle, Michael Healy, Phillipa McGuinness, Prashasti Rastogi, Safir Anand and Urvashi Butalia, moderated by Naveen Kishore
Copyright underpins everything we do as an industry and without it all opportunities quickly recede. The principle of copyright is threatened at a global level and to a degree we have never seen before. This is true in India as it is in many countries. This session is a call to publishers, literary agents, rights managers, lawyers, authors and international book fair organisers for the protection of copyright. 
25 January 2019 | 12:30 PM to 2:20 PM | Rajkamal JBM Haveli (JBM Jharokha)

/ Gender Equations in Publishing
Anushree Rathore, Arpita Das, Esha Chatterjee, Manasi Subramaniam, Manisha Chaudhry, Meera Johri, Marie Desmeures, Naveen Kishore, Prashasti Rastogi, Renuka Chatterjee, Ravi Deecee, Ravi Singh, Shweta Khurana and Urvashi Butalia
While the publishing industry has tried to be gender-inclusive and is, in fact, increasingly being led by women, gender biases do still permeate the workplace. This session explores establishing and balancing personal boundaries along with professional growth.
25 January 2019 | 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM | Rajkamal JBM Haveli (JBM Jharokha)

/ To know more about the Frankfurter Buchmesse, visit https://www.buchmesse.de/en
/ To know more about the German Book Office New Delhi, visit www.newdelhi.gbo.org 
/ For the programme of the Jaipur Bookmark and the Jaipur Literature Festival, visit https://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/

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